About Us

Mushmerry is a Designer Chocolate Studio which creates Premium Handcrafted Chocolates for all occasions. It was founded in 2010 and is headed by Ms Seher Varma & Ms Mitali Shirodkar who have mastered the art of Chocolate making from the renowned school of Culinary “The Barry Callebaut Chocolate Academy” They believe that Chocolate making is much more than infusing Flavours – its a form of Art, a Passion they take pride in pursuing. The Duo have taken this art to a commercial level by making Mushmerry one of the most sought after names in Customized Chocolate Gifting and boast of a clientele from various sectors like Banking, Fashion, Jewellery, Clothing, Investments, Automobiles etc.
From Clusters to Cashews & Mints to Toffees, Mushmerry Chocolates promises to be a chocolate lovers paradise. A place where Chocolate and its rich history is celebrated every day.